Colorful Holiday ACNH Island Idea (Pink Brick Path, Festivale Plaza, Spooky Entrance, Fruit Stall, Rustic kitchen)

4/10/2021 6:07:31 AM

After experiencing a ton of festivals and events held in Animal Crossing New Horizons, whether you have collected lots of festival-themed ACNH items? Take a look at this colorful holiday ACNH island design idea, full of holiday furniture to increase the festival atmosphere, the first thing to our eyes is the Fountain located in the center and pink bricks path and ground around with it, colorful flowers are at the four corners, Festivale Garland, Festivale Float, Festivale Lamp, Festivale Stage, Festivale Flag, tin robot and more items decorated the plaza. Walkthrough the arch bridge, you can see Super Mushroom, Large Mushroom Platform, and flowing waterfalls. At the other end of the bridge, spooky table and spooky chair are ready for sitting and enjoy the food or drink. Fruit stall, cake stall, dinner area, rustic kitchen area (Clay Furnace, Brick Oven), spooky entrance, there are so many designs on this island. 

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