Gorgeous ACNH Island Design Ideas: Urban Marketplace, Hot Spring Park, Dinosaur Park, Classic Plaza

8/18/2020 12:02:14 AM

Get inspired by these wonderful Animal Crossing: New Horizons island design ideas! In this video, you could discover the excellent ideas of marketplace, hot spring park, outdoor plaza and museum garden.

  • Urban Marketplace - Creating a super adorable marketplace with a small shop, outdoor cafe, complete with a pizza oven, a stall and a bunch of tables fully set for dinner. Add in some scenery like street lamps and other outdoor furniture and you'll have yourself a fully-fledged marketplace where you can shop until you drop, in style.

  • Hot Spring Park - Create a charming hot spring park with oriental towers, bamboo and stone paths. Using the various furniture items in the game can be used to replicate animals, such as Decoy Duck, Mr and Mrs Flamingo. If you've fished up a snapping turtle or two, you can also place them on the ground for a more 'real' vibe to your menagerie. 

  • Dinosaur Park - Here a classic, fancy dinosaur park look all around the museum has been implemented. The terraforming is very impressive as well, with the statues and fossils sat in the middle on their very own pedestal. Blathers would be really touched by this design if he ever walked out of the museum to see it!

  • Classic Outdoor plaza - Sometimes all you need are flowers, trees, and a place to sit. A simple, well-crafted layout goes a long way, and this breezy plaza with fountain proves it.

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