Fantastic ACNH Summer Island & Room Design Trends 2022 - Best Island & Living Room Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

3/15/2022 4:41:35 PM

Summer is all about beaches, parties, and outdoor enjoyment. Looking for the best summer fashion and island tour in Animal Crossing New Horizons? This video showcase the best ACNH summer island and room design ideas in 2022 if you want to fresh your island or room design before the actual summer arrives. First, we show you a fantastic ACNH summer island design that has a lot of beautiful outdoor restaurants. There is a romantic Casablanca lilies restaurant, a modern style restaurant, and a quiet vintage restaurant you can visit when you are having this ACNH summer island tour! 

Then we show you a summer living room design 2022 in Animal Crossing New Horizons.  You can easily transform your house into a charming cottage for the summer by using a series of southern flair Animal Crossing items such as Log Bed|White birch / Southwestern flair, Log Decorative Shelves|White birch / Southwestern flair, Log Round Table|White birch / Southwestern flair and Log Extra-long Sofa|White birch / Southwestern flair. Those are this summer's most popular ACNH island design trends 2022, and this collection is one you don't want to miss!

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