ACNH Pink Island Tour 2024 - Cute & Colorful Animal Crossing Island Ideas

2/29/2024 2:44:06 PM

As you take a tour of this pink-themed island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you are greeted by the sight of irregular pink paths and tiles, and brightly pink flowers blooming along the paths, matching well with the green trees, bushes, and trees. Flowers and fruit trees everywhere add fresh scents and vivid colors. The island is a mix of leisure outdoor areas and some cute interior designs. Upstairs, there is a white Cinnamoroll sofa and a Cinnamoroll table to relax in. Keep moving forward, there is a swimming pool outside the house, it looks cool. Inside the villager house, the decor continues the soft and playful theme mainly with pink and white ACNH furniture. The island radiates a sense of joy and relaxation with its unique pink theme. The vibe is cozy and carefree. It's a welcoming escape where you can relax or play to your heart's content.

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