Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update-Top 15 Easter Eggs and Secrets
11/12/2021 11:41:45 AM

Now that one of the biggest animal crossing new horizons updates has been made available for everyone to enjoy. Actually blown away from the enormous amount of added content and quality of life improvements that greatly change. An overview of the new additions, the top 15 secrets, and easter eggs in animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update is better impressive. Just going to reiterate what was shown in the newest animal crossing direct and instead hope to show you, some brand new little-known features that will surely surprise you.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update-Top 15 Easter Eggs and Secrets

15. DIY Storage 

That greatly improves your storage capabilities which is the update that now lets you put alert DIY recipes in your home storage before this change you'd either have to leave the DIY recipe in the open have it on you, at all times put it on the floor in a random room of your house having a visitor pick them up from off the ground.

They're stored in the resident services recycling bin or just instantly sell it, as there was no other option, other than giving it away to a friend immediately, another change that comes to your home storage is that you can increase its capacity from 2400 ACNH items to now hold 5 000 items, which allows you to keep way more things instead of having to sell them or give them a way to make more room.

Both of these changes are very small in the grand scheme of things, but make your playthrough much more smooth, if you buy the gaming desk pc setup and look very closely at the computer screens, then you'll see two very strange easter eggs that don't even have anything to do with animal crossing on the left screen.

14. Discord. gg

One appears to be an overlay that looks a lot like discord. gg which for those of you who don't know is an app that allows you to make voice calls send messages and make forum posts with other members who are all part of your shared community as a cute little nod to this discord posted this tweet stating.

Officially made it with a picture of the setup, then jokingly afterward posted declining all server invites from Tom Nook which is not someone, you want to talk to as he'd constantly demand you to repay him. 

13. Permanent Ladders

Now on the other three screens, especially as it looks like the character's holding the splatter shotgun now, that splatoon isn't a first-person game, this is more or less supposed to just be a generic shoot em up entry and not a specific title one of the very best qualities of life additions are the permanent ladders. You are now able to set up on your cliffsides traversing up and down,  these cliffs constantly having to switch to ladder tools quickly, became one of biggest pet peeves in new horizons.

This should have been an easier way to travel and didn't feel like shilling out the big bucks, just to create stairs it does help that these ladders are relatively cheap only costing 2 000 bells to learn the recipe, then a regular ladder and 5 pieces of wood to craft it, just as a note before move on the newly added vines can also be used as a way to climb up the cliffside.

12. Vehicles 

So if you want a cleaner look this might be the option for your pretty major new item, that's never shown up in decorative form throughout,  the series are vehicles where this new update brings them to your island giving you yet, another cool customizable option, there are 13 types of these vehicles including trains, skateboards, bicycles, excavators, delivery trucks, tractors, steamrollers, yachts, shopping carts, wagons, scooters, compact cars, and expensive cars.

All with dozens of different color options giving you a huge array of choices these are unfortunately unusable meaning that you can't travel around in them, it's just a cool item that can bring your island to life, even more.

11. Visiting villagers 

One of the funniest additions to this game is that your villagers can now visit you at your home, leading to some very interesting interactions. Some of my favorites include them being able to play games with you now, what happens if they recognize their picture on the wall if you put it up randomly sitting on the floor. Even though there's plenty of chairs butch choosing to sit in a dog bed of all places them, sometimes immediately leaving if they see a bug and finally the best has to be if they decide to use the toilet without caring what you think, there are so many other great ones that have yet to be seen. 

10. Kappn Reactions

Just glad that Nintendo decided to reintroduce, this feature that had been pretty prominent in past games, while you're on the boat with captain and he's serenading you with his lovely voice, you can perform unique reactions that don't add much, but a bit of entertainment pressing a will allow you to clap, where you can keep along with the beat of the song pressing X will allow you to laugh at what cap is saying and pressing Y will make you act surprised. When he tells you a shocking tale the Shanti sea sings are pretty hilarious, but they can be hard to understand, so really pay attention,  you don't miss the funny jokes one pretty significant feature that's been added.

9. Ordinances

During the update is your ability to enact certain ordinances for your island meaning that things will change to suit your gameplay, after talking to Isabel and discussing the ordinances with her you're. Then able to select one of four options, No.1 is the beautiful island that ensures your villager's weed water flowers and clear trash to make things cleaner, No.2 is the early bird that causes more villager activity, during the morning and ensures shops open much earlier,  No.3 is the night owl which causes more nighttime activity and shops will have greatly extended hours, finally No.4 the bell boom causes the cost of goods to go up, but you will get way more bells when you sell items, it's not like you can exploit, this feature as it does cost 20 000 bells every time you want to activate one, and you can only have one activated at a time.

8. Mystery Island

If you choose to go off with the captain on his boat tour, then he will take you to a mysterious island that you have never seen before, usually following a certain theme full of items flowers, and even unique seasons. So far the islands people discover include pumpkin island, that's full of pumpkins flora island, that's full of unique flora and fauna money tree island where all the trees grow bells cherry blossom island, where all the trees are pink, winter island, where everything's covered in snow, and you can get out of season items.

Finally, the best of all vine islands where shooting stars are abundant and star fragments come out of rocks when they're hit one good thing about going to all those places regardless of which one you get is that you can easily find gyroid fragments, that if replanted near your home will grow back into a full one also going on these tours and visiting.

These islands are the only way to find brewster and convince them, to come back to your village and start the roost cafe by far.

7. Harvest Plaza

One of the best quality of life upgrades in the new update is harvest plaza that you can now visit when you travel to his island at the plaza, you'll discover that you can help some of your favorite vendors create a permanent residence there, while also coming across some past favorites that show up and offer you goods that you can't find anywhere else. 

The stores you can buy from include kicks retail leafs Tortoimers Katrinas saharas reds and the re-introduction of shampoodles which is Harriet's hair salon where she will teach you some brand new styles. Although it will cost around 700 000 bells to fully have everything up and running, it's all worth it in the end as you don't have to wait days for a specific vendor to come to your island.

6. Gyroids

Another re-addition to this animal crossing entry is the gyroids, which are unusual furniture decorations that make funky sounds and dance to the music,  that's playing these come in all different shapes sizes, and colors, only found in fragment form on cap'n's island tours to make them new again, you need to replant them back on your island and water them,  where when you come back the next day, you can dig them up and discover what they've grown into.

5. Gardening/ Farming 

There are many types to collect along with your adventures, and they never fail to bring your house to life, just look and listen one major addition,  that's finally been brought to the animal crossing world is gardening and not talking about flowers. Actual crops and vegetables that you can use in recipes to cook dishes, first you need to locate leaf, either in your town square or on Harv's island plaza, and buy seeds for what you want to plant, next dig a hole in the ground put the seed in and water it to ensure that it will grow.

If you want a full yield meaning you will receive three total from the harvest, you need to water them over a four day period where, if you don't they won't produce as many of that crop as of right now, the only thing you can grow is tomatoes wheat sugar cane potatoes carrots and pumpkins, which are all used in combination with each other and already existing items to create some pretty crazy food.

4. Frogggggggy Chairs 


3. Cooking

Tying into gardening coming in at number three is cooking, as over 140 unique recipes are combining both new and old ingredients to create some amazing dishes, of course just like DIY you need to discover every recipe before you can make them, which you can find from catching fish, talking to your villagers through balloons or messages in a bottle.

Now it's not like this is an incredibly important addition, as you'll never grow hungry in this game, compared to other simulation entries where you'll die if you don't eat they are more for just decoration purposes to show off to your friends.

2. Pro Camera APP 

Coming in at number two is the pro camera app that allows you to snap photos from angles, you've never been able to get before found in the residence services abd for 1500 Animal Crossing nook miles, this upgraded feature has three different options in handheld mode, which is from the perspective of your villager tripod mode, where you can place the camera in one spot for much more precise angles and bird's eye view that allows you to zoom out the camera far to give you a more cinematic feel, you can also apply filters to all these new angles for some very funny and interesting results that will give you hours of fun. The best has to be the handheld mode as you can use it, to catch certain details in the background, that you would never normally see before getting to the number one pick.

1. Roost Interactions 

The interactions that you can have with other villagers at the brand new roost cafe, which can involve every single one of the franchise's villagers including ones that aren't usually in new horizons, can be all done by using the ruse amiibo phone and scanning the character, you want to interact with into the game by far, the best villager that you can get to show up is Rosetti who is usually very angry, but this time he says he's changed his ways and is trying his hardest to calm down. This is one of the biggest surprises from the new update.


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