ACNH Lily of the Valley Guide: Price, Colors, Spawn Rate & Location, Breeding and More

1/24/2022 2:19:23 PM

The process of obtaining various items in Animal Crossing New Horizons is full of fun and challenge. In this article, we’ll show you the basics of ACNH Lily of the Valley, covering its sell price, colors, spawn rate & location, breeding method, etc. 

acnh lily of the valley

What is Lily of the Valley in ACNH?

Lily of the Valley, also known as Lilies of the Valley and Jacob's Ladders, is a type of unique flower in Animal Crossing New Horizons and other AC games. ACNH Lily of the Valley is only spawning on 5-star islands, usually growing near the tops of cliffs, but does not breed when planted next to other Lilies of the Valley or other flowers. The good thing is even if your island rating goes down, the lilies of the valley you already have will not disappear. 

ACNH Lily of the Valley Price - How Much Do Lilies of the Valley Sell for in New Horizons

Lily of the Valley is rare in ACNH, there is a small chance they will bloom every day, but you can buy it with 222 Animal Crossing bells in the game or very cheap price at AKRPG.COM. This also means you can’t get much for selling it, so most people would keep it. But there are no seeds or LOTV flowers for sale at Nook's Cranny. 

ACNH Lily of the Valley Colors

Lilies of the Valley do not have any variations in ACNH, they are only available in one color, nearly whitish-green, the buds appear in a bell shape. There is no crossbreeding and no hybrids as well. It's like a trophy flower and it's never going to lose its leaves, you're not able to pick it.

ACNH Lily of the Valley Breeding & Spawning

What are the chances of lilies of the valley appearing in the game? Thanks to data miners and @cestislife, we can get a clear spawn rate of lilies of the valley. Once you reached a 5-star rating of your town and maintain that, the first Lily of the Valley has a 50% spawn rate every day, then the spawn rate of the subsequent flowers is as below. Except for the 5-star island, another spawn condition is a valid one tile space at the edge of a south-facing cliff. 

ACNH Lily of the Valley Spawn Rate

The first LOTV: 50%

The following LOTV

Day 1: 7%

Day 2: 10%

Day 3: 15%

Day 4: 22%

Day 5: 31%

Day 6: 42%

Day 7: 55%

Day 8: 70%

Day 9: 87%

Day 10: 100%

ACNH Lily of the Valley Spawn Location

If you want to spawn a Lily of the Valley on a specific tile T, here are the conditions

- There is a square, with no river or items on it

- Can’t be on a level 3 cliff

- Can’t be adjacent to water

- All the A tiles must be the same cliff level as T

- At least one of the B tiles must either be one level lower than T, or be a half-cliff 

acnh lily of the valley spawn location

How to Get Lily of the Valley in ACNH

1. Go over to your Town Hall once you have the Town Hall available, you can talk to Isabelle, and then she's going to give you the island evaluations option and some hints on what you need to do in order to improve your town. 

2. Choose “Let's talk island evals.”, then she's going to give you the whole rundown, she's gonna say that you got too much trash on the floor, there are not enough trees, there's too many trees or something like that.

3. Once you get the 5-star rating of your town, you'll be able to start spawning Jacob's Ladders. 

4. Put a Lily of the Valley inside the spot, you can plant it anywhere you want as long as it’s eligible, you cannot put two Jacob's Ladders next to each other.

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