How to Play and Use Ocarina in ACNH - What Does Ocarina Do in Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/18/2022 11:40:33 AM

Lots of players especially the fans of the Zelda series have been wanting to get their hands on the ocarina, which is a Zelda Easter egg in Animal Crossing New Horizons. What does ocarina do in ACNH and how can you use it and play it in the game? We’ve put a guide on ACNH ocarina here, covering ocarina purposes, uses, play method, price, recipe & tips.

ACNH ocarina

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ocarina

The Ocarina of Time is an instrument used to play music in The Legend of Zelda series. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Ocarina is also a musical instrument, it is accurately tuned in the key of c major and lets you hit even the highest notes with ease. You can’t purchase the item directly but be able to craft it early on in the game. The sell price of the ocarina is 1000 AC bells.

What Does Ocarina Do in Animal Crossing New Horizons? - ACNH Ocarina Purposes

The Ocarina is an Animal Crossing tool item, and its main purpose is to play a tune. Generally, the ocarina plays random notes and players can’t affect the sounds. However, the trick with this is to match up rhythmically with the music when you are in a room that is playing music.

In Happy Home Paradise, the ocarina is used in the design when doing a vacation home request for Julia‎‎, Leopold‎‎, Samson‎‎.

How to use ACNH ocarina (more purposes of ocarina):

- You can use it to signal your location to your friends.

- You can use it for impromptu jam sessions.

- You can use it to entertain yourself as you explore your island.

- You can use it to make the bug or fish come back closer when they run away.

- You can enter into your house and turn on a little bit of music, when you play the ocarina in your house along with the music, it actually changes the notes that are available to your ocarina to match up with the music that is playing, it even allows the chord structure of the songs. 

How to Play Ocarina in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You can play the ocarina in ACNH like other instruments. Interact with it or equip it by pressing the A button.

1. Open your inventory.

2. Select the ocarina, there is an option to hold it.

3. Hold the ocarina and press the A button.

4. It will play a load of random notes. You can quickly tap the A button to have a short tune or hold down the A to make it longer. 

How to Get Ocarina in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Ocarina Recipes

ACNH ocarina can be obtained through crafting, only requiring clay materials. The recipe for ocarina is from DIY for Beginners, which you need to buy from Timmy. 

ACNH Ocarina DIY recipe: 5×Clay

Steps of obtaining the ocarina in Animal Crossing:

1. Go to the Resident Services building

2. Speak with Timmy and browse the ACNH items for sale to find the DIY for Beginners

3. Buy the DIY for Beginners book from Timmy with 480 bells to unlock the ocarina recipe

4. Use an axe to smack against rocks to get 5 clay 

5. Use the 5 clay and DIY recipe to craft Ocarina

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