ACNH Summer Diving Guide 2023: 5 Best Tips To Get Wetsuits, Critters, DIYs & Dive

6/13/2023 6:30:31 PM

Summer is here, the ocean is accessible in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. You can discover what lies beyond your island's shores by swimming, and you can scavenge marine life by diving for it. In this ACNH summer diving guide 2023, we share the top 5 tips for you to go hunting quicker in the water.


ACNH Summer Diving Guide 2023: 5 Best Tips To Get Wetsuits, Critters, DIYs & Dive

In Animal Crossing New Horizons version 1.3.0 of the summer update brought with it the ability to go swimming and diving. Diving is a feature that allows players to swim and search for sea creatures in the ocean around their island. Players can dive by equipping a wetsuit and diving into the water, then press the A button near creatures to catch them. Some common sea creatures include sea stars, sea urchins, and scallops, while others are rare and valuable, such as pearls and giant clams. Diving can also uncover new crafting materials for DIY projects. Check our ACNH diving July guide, we share the best ways to dive, collect wet suits critters, and DIYs.


1. Wet Suits

You can purchase wet suits with ACNH bells in the Nook Shop which is in the cabinet. Now every day they will change, it might be red, it might be pink, it might change color. Make sure you check this daily because you will not be stuck with this either, it won't be that color every day. There is another thing to be able to get wet suits, if you go to the Nook Shopping App and go to special goods, every day there will be a different wetsuit in your shopping app. Make sure you check that if you want some different colors, be sure to check that out daily. The colors for these wet suits are in fact yellow, blue, green, pink, etc. Those are the colors that you can get for those swimsuits in the Nook Shop.


2. Swimming

-You don't actually need the scuba headgear to go swimming. This is literally just a cosmetic. It is just to look good on your character but you don't actually need it to go down into the water. You can still go in the water, all you need to have is your swimsuit and you are good to go.

-You do not have to go underwater to find create critters. You just have to look for bubbles in the water. As soon as you find bubbles in the water, you can just go down and they will be there you do not have to specifically swim under and look for all these shadows. You just look for the bubbles above. If you time out in the right way and you go right above the bubbles, you can literally dive down straightaway and catch it the first time.

-Swimming is very slow. Tapping “A” will make you swim faster, bear that in mind.


3. Big Shadows

We have the big shadows that are really fast and you're probably wondering how to catch them. The best way to get them is to get it in a corner. As soon as you get it in the corner, it literally can't go anywhere. All you need to do you chase them for ten minutes, get them into a corner and you can easily maneuver them into that corner and grab them.

4. Scallops

Every time you get a scallop or once a day, Pascal will come and he will either give you a mermaid DIY or a pearl. This is completely random, you could get a DIY or you could get a pearl. The best way you can maximize this is if you have a second third or fourth account on your switch, but you actually have a house set up. 


5. DIY Recipes

All you can do is go on your first account and get in Pascal to come to see what you can get. Sign in on a secondary account, go in, find a scallop, getting another DIY or another pearl, this maximizes. If you've got time to do this, we would recommend doing it on your secondary account, your second character, your third character even your fourth character just to see what Pascal gives you. 


Those have been the best ACNH diving tips that maximize trying to get the DIYs, catching creatures and etc.

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