10 ACNH September Updates & Changes 2023 - Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update Guide

8/29/2023 10:12:54 AM

September promises lots of new and returning seasonal activities coming to your island paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From weddings to pumpkins, and mushrooms to Halloween, here are 10 major ACNH September 2023 updates players can look forward to this month.


ACNH September Update Guide 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs & Changes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

September is one of the most exciting months in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as there are lots of new activities and events introduced that are tied to the changing seasons. September truly ushers in the heart of fall season changes and celebrations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players of all ages can look forward to cozy seasonal decorating, new mini-games, and spooky Halloween fun! Next, we talk about the top 10 ACNH September updates and changes in 2023!


1) Wedding Season Special Event

Players can take gorgeous wedding photos atop cliffs or on the beach. New reactions like bouquet throwing and dances are available. Players can decorate a wedding venue on their island and invite villagers to the celebration. Wedding season runs from September 1st-30th.


2) Maple Leaf DIY Recipes

As maple leaves begin falling in late September, players can learn recipes for rustic ACNH seasonal items like the Maple Leaf Pond Stone (a zen decorative element), Maple Leaf Pouchette purse, and natural Maple Leaf Stool for indoor/outdoor use. Leaves can also be collected and displayed for autumn decor.


3) Mushroom DIY Recipes

Mushrooms randomly spawn on tree trunks during rainy nights, providing materials for cozy mushroom-themed furniture. New DIYs include the Mushroom Wreath for doors, Mushroom Partition room divider, and Mushroom Table which can be customized in color.


4) Pumpkin Plants

Pumpkin starts in orange, white, and yellow varieties and is sold for 100 Animal Crossing bells each by Leif starting in September. Planted pumpkins are harvestable in 5 days. Carved pumpkins may be placed outside, and cooked pumpkin dishes will be available from villagers.

5) Halloween Decorations

Spooky carriages, spider webs, and customizable jack-o'-lanterns in creepy and cute styles can be purchased to decorate homes and islands for Halloween parties and activities.


6) Halloween Event Quests

Daily/weekly tasks reward seasonal items like spooky garlands, DIYs, and more. Helps unlock new areas in the game.


7) Jack's Island Tour

Do tasks for Jack to receive seasonal recipes, materials, or ACNH Nook Miles tickets. The island has special music and a spooky atmosphere.


8) Graveyard Yard Item

Create mini graveyards with tombstones, fences, and other items. Graveyards add ambiance for Halloween activities.


9) New Buildings

A wedding hall that can host ceremonies and parties requires unlocking in the game or purchasing Happy Home Paradise DLC.


10) Quality of Life Updates

Custom design slots increase from 50 to 100 while pocket space decreases to help balance inventory management.

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