ACNH Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles and Nintendo Live 2023/2024| Latest News, Updates & Rumors

9/18/2023 10:18:11 AM

Today we breakdown the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons headlines. This is our new format, where we combine everything you need to know. With that said, there are a few things to discuss, the Nintentdo Switch Lite consles and Nintentdo Live.

ACNH-Themed Nintendo Switch Lite consoles and Nintendo Live 2023/2024

Starting with the most exciting news, Nintendo randomly announced 2 new Animal Crossing New Horizons-themed Nintendo Switch Lite designs. Which is absolutely awesome! Both the Isabelle Aloha Coral Edition and the Timmy & Tommy Turquoise Aloha Edition will be releasing next month. These beautiful systems will of course come bundled with Animal Crossing New Horizons and release on October 6th in the US, and October 20th in Europe. All we know right now is each of these systems will be available from Target and Walmart respectively, and probably the Nintendo Store in Europe. It’s super strange Nintendo deciding to release these now.

Nintendo Live 2023

A few days ago marked the end of Nintendo Live 2023, which is Nintendos in-person event. They highlighted their top franchises, hosted contests and offered a wide range of activities. They even showcased more of the new Super Mario Bros Wonder game. Anyway, as you probably know Animal Crossing New Horizons was present at the Event. However it was limited to a rather adorable Photo Op with the New Horizons-themed display, which we’ve seen at events in the past. Animal Crossing fans could also enjoy Nintendo’s amiibo activity. Players could make use of Nintendo’s amiibo card collection, and invite villagers to the Roost or Harvs Island for in-game. Photo Ops was only available to those who brought their Switch’s though. Finally there was a New Horizons character meet and greet, Tom Nook, Isabelle and K.K.  This would have been a great opportunity for photos, although they were wearing their outfits from New Leaf or even Happy Home Designer, which is weird. But, all in all, pretty nice to see New Horizons present at the event and  proves Nintendo haven’t completely forgotten about the franchise. Sadly, there was no news about the future of the franchise at Nintendo Live, but given they decided to publish more Super Mario Bros Wonder content, that’s no surprise! 

Nintentdo Live 2024

So, in other news, Nintendo have since confirmed details for Nintendo Live 2024. Next year, the event will return to Japan, where it will be hosted in Tokyo,  and will surprisingly be held in January, so in around 4 months time.  So far, the details are pretty sparse, but it will be hosted towards the end of January focused around the Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Championships. It appears that pretty much everything that happened at this year’s event will  return to the Tokyo Event, include Stages, Photo Ops and Activities. However, unfortunately, it seems Nintendo have removed Animal Crossing New Horizons from the marketing of the Event compared to this year, which suggests, at least at this stage, Animal Crossing New Horizons may not return. This is pretty surprising, considering New Horizons is the best selling game on Switch in Japan, and second best selling in the rest of the world, and featured heavily in previous years, with DJ. KK getting his own set alongside the Splatoon Concert, at the Event in 2022! Nintendo Live 2024 will still feature music from Splatoon, but it seems New Horizons will be replaced by live music from The Legend of Zelda. Again, this is probably to be expected, seems they’ll want to push Tears of the Kingdom, but it’s a real shame to see DJ.KK probably won’t make an appearance.

Now, with Animal Crossing removed from the Nintendo Live roster, what does this mean? Probably nothing, other than Nintendo are focusing on promoting their other games,  however, a lot of the Details have yet to be finalised or announced,  so there’s always the chance Nintendo could bring back the Photo Ops,  or even release some news nearer the time regarding the future of Animal Crossing. Nintendo Live 2024 will take place just before New Horizon’s 4-year anniversary, after all. And it will also be about the right time to  announce something new for the franchise. But of course, we’ll have to wait and see.

As things stand, it looks like the Event won’t feature Animal Crossing, like it has for the last few years. But putting Nintendo Live aside (and of course the 2 random New Horizons Switch bundles),  there’s no other New Horizons or even Animal Crossing news   to discuss right now, which is a real shame. 

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