TOP 10 ACNH Villagers - Best ACNH Villagers Ranked

11/20/2023 10:49:21 AM

ACNH features nearly 400 different animal villagers that can potentially live on your island. But amongst the huge roster, certain villagers have risen to extreme popularity and demand within the fan community. Villagers like Raymond the smug cat with contrasting heterochromatic eyes, Marshal the cute smug squirrel, and Ankha the Egyptian-themed snooty cat are just some of the most coveted "dreamies" that players desperately search for. What makes these villagers so popular and sought-after compared to the many other options? While personal preference plays a role, many share design qualities that give them wide appeal – unique looks, cute appearances, or cool and novel themes that fit the playful world of Animal Crossing. Their rising popularity has resulted in players spending lots of time searching for these characters, and even exchanging them for premium ACNH bell prices.


TOP 10 - Pietro

Pietro is a smug sheep villager in the Animal Crossing series. He was introduced in ACNH Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. Pietro has a smug personality, which means he will act polite and gentlemanly towards the player. He gets along well with most villager personality types, he is interested in fashion and his home decor has a circus theme. His catchphrase is "honk honk". Pietro could not originally be invited to live on the player's island in ACNH. He was added post-launch in a free update.

TOP 9 - Cephalobot

Cephalobot is a new robotic octopus villager introduced in the major 2.0 update for ACNH. He has a unique octopus design with a futuristic robotic theme. His head is a glass dome showing his electronic octopus brain. Cephalobot can only move to the player's island if he is invited from another player's island or encountered on a mystery island tour. He cannot be one of the starter villagers.

TOP 8 - Lucky

Lucky has a lazy personality, which means he is relaxed, friendly, and hobby-oriented. He is easy for players to befriend. He has no real special roles beyond being a chilled-out and relaxing villager to befriend.

TOP 7 - Ankha

Ankha is a snooty cat villager in the Animal Crossing series who has an ancient Egyptian theme. Her home interior design and furniture have an Egyptian tomb theme with items like sarcophagi and ancient relics. She is a fan favorite due to her unique regal design.

Top 6 - Kabuki

Kabuki has a cranky personality type, meaning he acts older, and easily frustrated, but also wise and caring once befriended. His interior home design has traditional Japanese furniture and decorations like tatami flooring and shoji screens. Kabuki is considered a dream or desired villager for many players due to its long history and unique Japanese theme.

TOP 5 - Roald

Roald is a jock penguin villager in the Animal Crossing series who appears in New Horizons. Roald's house interior in New Horizons has a sports theme, with items like basketball hoops, soccer balls, and protein shakers.

TOP 4 - Coco

Here are some key details about Coco, the normal rabbit villager in ACNH. Coco's home in New Horizons has a gyroid theme, with items like mini gyroids, cardboard gyroids, and gyroid fragments. Coco is considered one of the most unique and iconic Animal Crossing villagers due to her strange gyroid-inspired design.

TOP 3 - Marshal

Marshal has the smug personality type, meaning he is polite, gentlemanly, and obsessed with his appearance and house decor. Marshal's home in New Horizons has a clean, preppy theme with school-themed furniture.

TOP 2 - Stitches

Stitches has a lazy personality, meaning he is relaxed, food-obsessed, and friendly. His house interior in New Horizons has a toy shop theme, with items like teddy bears, building blocks, and toy boxes. Stitches is considered highly sought-after by players due to his cute, toy-like design reminiscent of childhood teddy bears.

TOP 1 - Raymond

Raymond has the smug personality type. He is polite, gentlemanly, and interested in fashion. Raymond's house interior features an office theme with items like desks, computers, and servers. It reflects his business-like appearance. He quickly became one of the most popular villagers after New Horizons launched, in part due to his distinct two-toned eyes. Raymond cannot be one of your first two starter villagers. You must invite him from another player's island or encounter him on a mystery island tour. Raymond is considered a dream villager for many players. His popularity has resulted in him being traded for high prices in the Animal Crossing community.

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