Animal Crossing New Franchise & Games 2024 - ACNH Plans 2024

11/27/2023 10:48:17 AM

With recent happenings in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo is really trying to expand the presence of Animal Crossing as a franchise in 2024. The biggest evidence of this is the Animal Crossing and Lego collaboration which is one of the biggest crossover collaborations we've seen. 


This is really good news for the future of the games as well as it definitely means that Nintendo is eager to do even more with Animal Crossing, something that there was a severe lack of throughout 2022 and most of 2023. There is some more interesting news that indicates the bright future of Animal Crossing going forward. It shows that Nintendo is probably going to try and expand things even more with the franchise in the coming year. That news is actually related to the Lego and Animal Crossing collaboration and some people aren't that excited about Lego itself it's really good for Animal Crossing. 

If they're willing to do such a big collaboration with Lego then it shows they are going to be doing even more with the games especially if we do get the Switch 2 next year which does seem highly likely. It's not actually going to be called The Switch 2. The Lego collaboration is pretty expansive as is however it was discovered by people in the Lego community that Nintendo plans to do even more. It was discovered that there is another set which they have yet to release information about called Maple's Pumpkin Garden. This is an incredibly cheap and small set which does imply the idea that a lot of people have had that Nintendo might be releasing minifigure packets. 

This one does come with more than just the minifig, it does come with some pieces to create the Pumpkin Garden but the point is it's still a really small one. That news is exciting in itself because it does show that Nintendo will likely try and expand this collaboration to have Minifigures of a lot of the different popular villages. So it seems like Nintendo is going to be expanding this collaboration even more in 2024 which is great news. The timing of this collaboration really odd, after all, it was released 4 years after New Horizons did. 

So it definitely feels very suspicious that something new Animal Crossing-related in the games department could be coming out next year. The truth is we have seen plenty of connections like this before with Nintendo. With the new console so imminent at this point, it seems highly likely that something new Animal Crossing related will come whether that is a port of an older game maybe a spin-off game, or a new main Animal Crossing game if somehow they've got that ready.


This is definitely really positive news for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2024. It's great to see Nintendo trying to expand Animal Crossing as a franchise even more with this collaboration and it seems like we'll be getting a lot more of it. Whether you're a fan of Lego itself and you're excited to get these sets and you wanted to see more of them or you're a fan of the Animal Crossing games,  this is good news for everyone.

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