ACNH Fillter Guide: Items to Use to Fill Space of Your Island & Combine Them

11/30/2023 7:19:28 PM
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate Filler Guide

Welcome to our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate Filler Guide! Fillers are an indispensable part of crafting and can really transform your island. In this guide, we'll cover the best fillers to use, tips for placement, and techniques for maximizing your island's aesthetic. Let's get started!

ACNH Filter Guide: Items to Use to Fill Space of Your Island & Combine Them

Recommended Fillers

Here are some of the most versatile and useful fillers in New Horizons:

  • Weeds - Come in a variety of colors and textures, great for wild areas.

  • Flowers - Breed exotic hybrids and arrange bouquets/gardens.

  • Fruit - Orchards look lush filled with native fruits, coconuts.

  • Trees - Cypress, hardwood, pine, etc. Dress up any space.

  • Bushes - Camellia starts, hibiscus, azalea provide depth/privacy.

  • Mushrooms - Magical fairy ring displays in autumn!

  • Shells - Line paths or shores with pearls, conches and more.

  • Fossils - Cluster unearthed bones for a natural history vibe.

  • Glowing moss - New path/garden accent, comes in floating jars.

  • Bamboo - Thickets or lone stalks for that Asian villa feel.

Placement Tips

Careful filler arrangement is an art. Here are some tips:

  • Balance clusters with spacing for realism versus visual interest.

  • Consider height variation and diagonal lines for visual flow.

  • Repeat fillers in threes or other odd numbers for impact.

  • Echo arrangements to define spaces like natural room dividers.

  • Frame entrances, follow paths, border rivers/ocean with greenery.

  • Layer with different textures like grasses over shells over mushrooms.

  • Place seasonal items to showcase changing themes over the year.

Proper placement makes or breaks a natural island vignette.

Detailed Filler Placement

Now let's break down specific techniques:

Orchards: Arrange fruit trees in grid patterns, diagonal grids or offset grids. Leave space for walking but keep trees close together. Border the orchard with different trees or fences.

Gardens: Form floral heart shapes, walkways or abstract designs. Mix flower types and place bushes as accents or barriers. Consider a water feature like a fountain or pond.

Beach/Ocean: Line the shore with a combo of shells, sand dollars and coral. Place mermaid statues or furniture. Arrange seaweed, anemones or jellyfish designs on beaches.

Bamboo Groves: Densely pack young spring bamboo in thickets. Create winding paths. Use tall/dark bamboo as accents outside the grove. Add stone lanterns, zen cushions.

Forests: Heavily fill with hardwood/pine/cypress trees, alternating types. Add mushrooms, weeds or vines as undergrowth. Try fencing or boulders around the perimeter.

Maximizing Filler Usage

Here are some techniques to get the most out of your fillers:

  • Place storage and recycling bins around island for easy access.

  • Grow extra flowers and fruit to harvest daily as needed.

  • Trade with friends for seasonal items or hybrid flowers.

  • Carry tools like nets, shovels for quick harvesting on the go.

  • Hoard materials from balloons, bottled messages and Nook shopping.

  • Visit random dream islands for design/item inspiration.

  • Consistently remodel some filler areas to showcase seasonal changes.

  • Use Pro Designs paths to replicate additional textures naturally.

With the right planning, you'll always have filler materials on hand as your island evolves.

Paying close attention to filler choice, placement and maximizing resources is an important part of crafting realistic, natural island vibes in Animal Crossing. Factor in seasonal changes over the year too. We hope this guide provided helpful ideas - please share your own filling techniques in the comments below!

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