24/7 ACNH Free Treasure Island Dodo Codes that Are Always Open 2024

1/6/2024 10:09:20 AM

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are always on the hunt for treasure island dodo codes to get free ACNH items, bells, and materials. While many treasure islands are only open occasionally, some are open 24/7 for players to visit anytime. In this 24/7 Animal Crossing Free Treasure Island guide, we'll provide an updated list of dodo codes that are always open in 2024 that you can access for free stuff around the clock.

247 Animal Crossing Free Treasure Island Dodo Codes 2024

What Are 24/7 Free Treasure Islands in ACNH?

For those new to ACNH, treasure islands are player-created islands that have used hacking devices or software to spawn unlimited quantities of rare items, resources, and bells. Players create these generous islands to share with the community. By providing a dodo code, they allow other players to fly in and stock up on whatever they need. 

The term "24/7" implies that the island is available any time, day or night. This is typically managed by the host who may use various methods to ensure their island remains open to visitors. These can include:

  • Automating the Dodo Code Sharing: The host may use bots or other automated systems to share and regenerate Dodo Codes to keep the island accessible even when they are not actively managing it.

  • Staying Logged On: The host keeps their game and console running continuously.

  • Multiple Hosts: Sometimes a group of friends or a community will manage an island together, taking shifts to keep the island open 24/7.

Why Should You Visit 24/7 Free Treasure Islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The main perk of 24/7 Treasure Islands is the ability to visit at any time of day to collect items. You don't have to wait for a specific streaming schedule. This makes it easy to pop in and grab what you need with minimal hassle. These islands usually have a set theme like clothing, furniture, DIY recipes, materials, bells, etc. Treasure Islands are especially popular among newer players who may want to accelerate their progress or among those looking for specific items to complete their collections.

Is It Safe To Visit 24/7 Free Treasure Islands in Animal Crossing?

YES! It's important to note that while visiting these islands is not against the game's terms of service, the way items are obtained and distributed could potentially be against Nintendo's terms if they involve hacking or exploiting the game. Some players may choose to avoid Treasure Islands for this reason, to ensure they are not inadvertently breaking any rules or to maintain the intended gameplay experience.

24/7 Animal Crossing Free Treasure Island Dodo Codes That Are Always Open (2024)

Here are some 24/7 ACNH dodo codes that should work in 2024:

  • Clothing Items: 4LPXT

  • 2.0 Items: K3MYV

  • Furniture: 74MDR

  • Critters & DIY: 1DR39

  • Seasonal Items: KNMDQ

  • Materials & DIYs: GBQ6L

  • Materials & DIYs: 6DXKC

  • Critters & DIYs: 5P47K

  • Seasonal Items: FJFHF

  • Seasonal Items: 69V1R

  • 1.0 Items: DYX5X

  • 1.0 Items: 9KS4H

  • 2.0 Items: 7S9GX

  • Furniture: DKDYK

  • 1.0 Items: 5WJO4

  • 2.0 Items: K7DR1

  • Clothing Items: 7MBOW

  • Furniture: 6WY1W

  • 1.0 Items: L961G

  • 2.0 Items: NJQVY

  • Clothes: C18JB

  • Garden Items: 28L30

  • Garden Items: 732FL

  • Holiday Items: F8BR4

  • 2.0 Crafted Items: 45510

  • Materials & Plants: 8XBC51

  • 1.0 Museum Items: 7DP063

  • Fairy Island: F2XXR

How to Find 24/7 ACNH Free Treasure Island Dodo Codes in 2024?

Finding 24/7 Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Treasure Island codes can be a bit of a challenge since these codes are often created by players and can change frequently. Treasure Islands are special islands set up by players where you can grab various items, including rare items, for free. Here are some steps and tips to find these codes:

Social Media Platforms:

  • Twitter: Search hashtags such as #ACNHTreasureIsland, #ACNHcodes, or #DodoCode. Many players and communities share their codes in real-time.

  • Facebook: Join ACNH groups. Some groups are dedicated to sharing Treasure Island codes.

  • Instagram: Similar to Twitter, look for posts or stories that may have codes using relevant hashtags.


  • Subreddits like r/ACNH, r/AnimalCrossing, and r/ACNHTreasureIsland may have users posting their active Treasure Island codes. Keep an eye on new posts or use the search function to find recent shares.

Discord Servers:

  • Join ACNH Discord servers where members often share their Treasure Island codes. Some servers are dedicated to Treasure Islands specifically.

Twitch Streams:

  • Some streamers host Treasure Islands and share their Dodo Codes live on their streams. This is a good way to find islands that are currently active.


  • Some YouTubers broadcast live sessions of their Treasure Island tours and share codes in the video description or in live chat.

Gaming Communities and Forums:

  • Websites like GameFAQs, IGN Boards, or specific ACNH forums may have threads for sharing Dodo Codes.

ACNH Mobile Apps:

  • There are dedicated ACNH companion apps that have features for sharing and finding Treasure Island codes.

Things to Remember When Visiting Free Treasure Island in Animal Crossing:

  • Empty your pockets before flying over to make room for new items

  • Be patient if the island is full - try again later

  • Follow the host's rules and be respectful in chat

  • Leave through the airport when you're done to avoid resetting the island

With this list of dodo codes, you'll always have access to unlimited items in ACNH during 2024. Just input the 5-digit codes at your airport's Dodo Airlines to start collecting goodies to enrich your island experience. Have fun and happy treasure hunting!

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