ACNH Valentine's Day Event 2024: Items, DIY Recipes, Tips & Villager Tier List

1/29/2024 3:31:22 PM

Love is in the air, and the charming world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is gearing up for a heartwarming celebration. As Valentine's Day approaches, the residents of your virtual island are ready to spread joy and affection in their delightful ways. Read our ACNH Valentine’s Day event guide 2024, we break down the items, DIY Recipes, tips, and best villagers!


ACNH Valentine's Day Guide 2024 - Items, DIY Recipes, Tips & Villager Tier List

On February 14th, Valentine's Day itself, Isabelle gives you a DIY recipe for a Chocolate Heart, a delicious snack to share with your special someone (or gobble all by yourself, no judgment!). Throughout the two weeks, Nook's Cranny will stock Valentine's Day furniture and DIY recipes, like heart-shaped tables, chocolate fountains, and rose beds. Decorate your home with romantic flair! The fashionistas at Able Sisters will sell Valentine's Day-themed clothing and accessories, from cute pink sweaters to fluffy heart-shaped hats. Dress up for a charming date or a romantic photoshoot! Next, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about Animal Crossing New Horizons Valentine’s Day event 2024!


ACNH Valentine’s Day Items 2024

Nook's Cranny Rewards

Heart-Shaped Furniture: Cozy up with your sweetie on a Heart Sofa (crafted or purchased), sip cocoa by a Heart Table, or write love letters at a Heart Schreibtisch.

Lovey-Dovey Décor: Create a romantic atmosphere with Candles, Chocolate Fountains, Rose Beds, and even a Wedding Arch for impromptu island ceremonies.

Sweet Treats: Fill your home with the aroma of love with Cupcake Lamps, Candy Canes, and a Chocolate Box.

Able Sisters' Rewards

Sweet Sweaters: Dress to impress with adorable Pink Hoodies, Fuzzy Heart Cardigans, and Love-Letter Sweaters.

Head-Turning Accessories: Top off your look with Fuzzy Heart Hats, Sparkly Tiaras, and Love Sunglasses.


ACNH Valentine’s Day DIY Recipes 2024
February in Animal Crossing New Horizons blooms with Valentine's Day cheer, and crafting delectable DIY recipes adds a sprinkle of magic to your romantic island endeavors. Here's a peek at the charming recipes you can unlock during this festive period:

Cupid's Arrow: This adorable Valentine's Day staple requires 5 Red Feathers and 3 Wood. Imagine stringing it up near your villager's house as a playful declaration of affection!

Love Arch: Feeling the wedding bells ringing? Craft this grand Love Arch with 10 Iron Nuggets and 10 Pink Roses. It's perfect for setting the scene for an island ceremony or a picture-perfect photoshoot.

Chocolate Box: Who doesn't love sweet chocolates? Craft this delightful box with 5 Softwood and 3 Chocolate. It's the perfect gift for your favorite villager or a decadent addition to your home decor.

Heart Cake: Show your culinary skills with this heart-shaped cake. You'll need 3 Wheat, 2 Eggs, and 1 Sugar to bake this delicious treat. Share it with a special someone or indulge in a solo celebration!

Rose Bouquet: Nothing says "I love you" like a bouquet of vibrant roses. Craft this romantic arrangement with 3 Red Roses, 3 Pink Roses, and 3 Yellow Roses. Place it by your sweetheart's doorway or decorate your home with its fragrant charm.

Bonus DIYs: While not officially part of the Valentine's Day set, the following recipes add a romantic touch to your island ambiance:

Cupcake Lamp: Illuminate your living space with this whimsical lamp crafted with 3 Clay and 1 Candle.

Heart Schreibtisch: This adorable desk, made with 5 Hardwood and 3 Iron Nuggets, is perfect for writing love letters or crafting your next DIY masterpiece.

Rose Bed: Create a blooming oasis with this floral wonder. You'll need 5 Red Roses, 5 Pink Roses, and 5 Yellow Roses to bring this fragrant bed to life.


ACNH Valentine’s Day Event Tips 2024

Decorate your island for a Valentine's Day theme - Use the seasonal chocolate heart and heart-shaped bouquet Animal Crossing items, as well as custom designs, pink/red furniture and flowers to decorate.

Open mail from your villagers - On Valentine's Day, villagers you have a high friendship level with will send gifts and letters through the mail.

Send Valentine's Day letters to friends - Write letters using Valentine's themed stationery and send gifts to friends who also play ACNH.

Visit Brewster for a special treat - On February 14th only, talk to Brewster at The Roost cafe to get a cup of hot chocolate instead of regular coffee.

Give presents to your villagers - Wrap gifts like chocolates and bouquets and give them to island residents to spread Valentine's cheer. Check databases online for villager gift preferences.


ACNH Valentine’s Day Villager Tier List

Here discuss the different tiers of villagers from most to least popular/beloved by the community as potential villagers for players to gift or interact with on Valentine's Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Judy - Her cute bubblegum aesthetic makes her a top choice for Valentine's. Players find her kind nature endearing.

Raymond - As one of the most popular villagers, his cool sophistication would impress any valentine. Widely considered "husband material" by fans.

Marshal - His laidback charm and funny personality would surely wow anyone on Valentine's Day. Plus his squishy looks don't hurt.

Dom - His cute blue color and jock personality inspire both laughter and admiration from others. Would treat valentine right.

Ankha - With her elegant Egyptian design and elegant manner, she's a real headturner. Sure to sweep anyone off their feet.

Audie - Always cheerful and energetic, she'd keep the Valentine spirit lively all day with adventure activities.

Bob - His cool cat vibes and sly jokes would give valentine the relaxation and smiles they need after a busy day.

Diana - Her elegance and class would feel extra special on Valentine's, though watch for snooty moments. Still quite lovely.

Stitches - His adorable teddy bear design is totally huggable and just what valentine wants on a romantic day. So cozy!

Zucker - His cute takoyaki appearance and laidback demeanor make him ideal comic relief after heavier moments with valentine.

Phoebe - With her gothic lolita aesthetic, she'd offer a fun change of pace for edgier valentines. If they don't mind some gloom.

Cube - His jock enthusiasm could inspire romantic activity like sports dates, even if his looks aren't the most swoon-worthy. Keeps things lively.





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