2024 ACNH February Updates & Changes - Valentine's Day, Seasonal Items, Critters Coming in February 2024

1/31/2024 6:15:26 PM

The month of love and celebration is almost here as February arrives in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This month brings returning seasonal events, new critters to discover, and plenty of festive items to decorate your island. Here are all the February updates and changes coming to ACNH February 2024. 

2024 ACNH February Updates & Changes - Valentine’s Day, Seasonal Items, Critters Coming in February 2024

As the final chills of winter embrace the Northern Hemisphere and the warm breezes of summer linger in the Southern Hemisphere, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" ushers in February with a modest but delightful array of updates. The serene island life becomes a tad more festive with the return of two beloved seasonal events, new opportunities for collection aficionados, and fresh décor options for those eager to revamp their island aesthetics. Let's dive into the February 2024 updates for ACNH.

Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, players can participate in the Valentine's Day event. During this event, Isabelle and a random villager will send players nice letters with gifts attached. It's a great opportunity to visit other residents of the island and spend time with them. Additionally, Heart-shaped Bouquet and Chocolate Heart items will be sold at Nook's Cranny, allowing you to create a romantic atmosphere on your island.


Pavé returns in February to host Festivale, which takes place on February 20th. During this celebration, players can use their bug net to gather falling feathers. These feathers can be traded to Pavé to receive event furniture. Afterward, players will need to exchange three Rainbow Feathers to obtain the Festivale Float item. Rainbow Feathers can be crafted using a recipe acquired from Pavé. It's a lively and festive event that adds a burst of color to your island.

New Critters

In the Northern Hemisphere, there are no new fish or deep-sea creatures to be found in February. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, players can look forward to catching the Soft-shelled turtle, Moray eel, and Ray.

Seasonal Items

Throughout the month of February, Nook's Cranny will sell a variety of Festivale items. Additionally, Nook Shopping will update with seasonal items, including Valentine's Day-themed furniture and other seasonal decorations.

Other Updates

- Luna New Year Event: On February 10th, players can experience the Luna New Year event. While it may be considered a mini-event, it offers exclusive dialogue for villagers when chatting with them for the first time on this day. Special items, such as money-wrapping items and door decorations, will also be available to celebrate the Luna New Year.

- ACNH Snow Melts: On February 25th, the snow will finally melt in the Northern Hemisphere, allowing players to collect young spring bamboo as a seasonal material.

- Bug Off Mini-Event (February 18th, Southern Hemisphere only): Players in the Southern Hemisphere can participate in Flick's Bug Off event on February 18th. Flick will challenge players to catch as many bugs as possible within three minutes to earn points. These points can then be exchanged for bug-themed items.

- Updates to Nook's Shopping: Racks of seasonal items arrive perfect for holiday decor. Stock up on heart accessories, Festival gear and more.

- Other Tweaks: Character visits and birthdays see small changes. Online play improvements go live as well.

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