ACNH Glitches 2024: Infinite Bells, Tree, Donation Box & Tool Glitch in Animal Crossing

3/25/2024 2:13:13 PM

There are lots of useful exploits and glitches in Animal Crossing New Horizons, some of these have been patched while some others remain active. Today we’ll go over ACNH glitches that still work in 2024, showing the fastest and best ways to make bells in Animal Crossing, as well as other fun or helpful tricks to play the game. 

ACNH Glitches 2024


ACNH Glitches 2024: Infinite Bells, Tree, Donation Box and Tool Glitch in Animal Crossing

1 - Animal Crossing Bell Glitch

The first bell glitch in ACNH 2024 found by Reddit user u/Majesty1985 is very easy and profitable, it involves an item called Pile of Cash, which can be obtained from crafting, which requires 3*99,000 Bells. What you need to do is first learn this DIY recipe, then you're going to prepare enough bells, you can craft it one time and then you're going to have to get lucky enough to get it as a hot item in Nook’s Cranny, relying on luck is a bit annoying, but you definitely should have the chance to get it at some point as your hot item, once you do, then you can go and sell this to Timmy and Tommy, and they will give you a large amount of bells at once that is much more than your cost. The most effective method to farm more and even infinite Animal Crossing bells is to use those bells that you got from Timmy and Tommy to craft even more of these piles of cash and keep selling them to Timmy and Tommy.

2 - Animal Crossing Donation Box Glitch

The next glitch is found by the Reddit user u/taiwan-numba-one, if the donation box is one of the hot items at Nook’s Cranny on the day, sell it with bells in it, in addition to the sell price, you can earn back the double amount of the donated bells inside. It is a simple way to double your money, but this requires the donation box to be your hot item and it is a little bit inconvenient putting money into the donation box, you can only deposit 1000 bells to it at a time. A trick is to donate every time you see the box and wait for it to be a hot item, then sell it at a proper time. 

3 - Animal Crossing Tree Glitch

Thanks to Crossing Channel, another exploit still works in New Horizons is the cliff tree glitch, basically, you can use this glitch to put trees on the edges of cliffs, something that you wouldn't be able to do at all normally, because trees have to have enough space around them. To use this glitch, you have to start off by terraforming a section of nine tiles in one of the corners, you're going to want to cut out a piece, and after that, you're going to want to create a little water pattern, it has to be curved, after that you can head onto the top of the cliff and plant the tree of your choice, that little water section is what is allowing you to plant a tree in a space. Unfortunately, a glitch that allowed you to climb up onto the fourth level of your island has actually been patched out now. You can still technically climb up there, but you can no longer place items up there at all.

4 - Animal Crossing Tool Glitch

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, tools will generally break after a certain amount of uses, there is a glitch that can make your tools never break and consume any durability. One of the fortunes that you can actually get from Katrina is Luck with Belongings, which is effectively the basis for this exploit, if you get the good luck inflicted on your belongings luck, then it means that your tools will not break no matter what you do in that entire day. Then how do you get this fortune? When your character wakes up, they don't have good or bad luck yet, it only activates when you actually talk to Katrina, so you can go have a chat with her to get the fortune and if it's not the belongings one, you can simply reset the day and head back to Harvey's Island and you will get a new randomized fortune alternatively. 


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