Beautiful White Snow Covered ACNH Island - Christmas Island Design Ideas

8/25/2020 10:36:28 AM

This is an island covered by white snow at Christmas. Although there are not many Christmas decorations, we can feel the cold atmosphere of winter and appreciate the beautiful snow scene. Trees, peach trees, country fences, snow bushes, the ground, stairs and bridges, and the roofs are all covered with snow. These ACNH items built a cold winter vibe. Despite the cold weather, the flowers are still blooming beautifully. In front of the Hedge, there is a Christmas tree with many gifts under the tree. Passing frozen arches, there are two frozen sculptures next to it. When you reach the beach, the coconut trees are also covered with snow. There are two stone lion-dogs in front of waterfall. There is a majestic style that waterfall combines with stone lion-dog, it's very cool. Finally, it's the children's area. Last is the children's playground, and a colorful lattice trail next to it. I'd like to say this is a very creative design idea.

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