Sea View Living Room (Tropical Vista Wall Paper &Water Flooring)- Incredible ACNH Design Idea

8/24/2020 11:46:42 AM

If you were a crazy fan of sea, this incredibIe interior design idea i highly recomend it. With ACNH items Tropical Vista wall paper and Water Flooring, has builit a sea view living room . Give you visual effects, as if you really live in a sea view room. Most importantly only by using the floor and wallpaper . They matches so well that he whole room  presents blue. The furnishings in the living room are also very simple, with a mushroom-patterned carpet at the entrance. There are paintings and candles on the sofa, table, washing machine and cleaning supplies. This video may bring you some inspiration, showcase the ACNH sea view living room and help you design the best incredible island in the game! 

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