Best Home Living Bedroom ACNH Design Ideas - Especially Suitable For Cat Keepers

8/24/2020 4:29:37 PM

This is a comfortable living room design, with Cool-paint Flooring, Green Flower-print Wall. There are a total of three rugs in the house, which is so nice for cats. They can lie comfortable and warm rugs instead of freezing cold floor. Generally speaking, cats get sick easily. We should pay more attention. If you want to keep cats in ACNH, you probably need to get warm rugs for them. There is Fluffy Rug in the middle of the room. Two tables with books on the left in the middle, Lacy Rug on the ground floor. On the right, Pink Rose Rug, the pink shelf where the cat sleeps, the ice cream light, and the posters for the cute animals. There is a plant, and Rocket Lampon on the mermaid table. Although the four corners of the house are filled with objects, there is a lot of space in the middle. Can be used for activities, play, sports, etc. This design idea saves a lot of space.

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