ACNH Ocean Theme Bedroom - Room Design with Mermaid Set and Underwater Wall

9/25/2020 6:03:30 PM

Want to experience the ocean anytime? This ACNH Ocean Theme Bedroom only takes a piece of wallpaper and a floor to make it a reality. The ACNH room design utilizes the Underwater Wall and Underwater Flooring, as well as some Mermaid furniture items (Mermaid Bed, Mermaid Chair, Mermaid Vanity, Mermaid Closet, Mermaid Shelf, Mermaid Sofa, Mermaid Wall Clock), creates a feeling of being on the scene. There is also a Graceful Painting exhibited next to the Vanity. You can apply Animal Crossing flooring and wallpapers in various themes to easily change the inside of your house. 

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