ACNH Fresh Bamboo Bedroom Decor - Best Animal Crossing New Horizon Interior Design Ideas

10/10/2020 2:57:32 PM

Bamboo is one of the most easy-on-the-eye elements in the animal crossing new horizon world, perfect for your bedroom decoration, imagine you can wake up to the refreshing green in the morning! Green bamboo series of bamboo partition, bamboo shelf, bamboo speaker, bamboo candleholder, and pairing up with bamboo doll, apple chair, brown rattan vanity, bamboo noodle slide. The furniture is relatively various, the trick is you have to place them well-proportioned, definitely can be cluttering. If you enjoy our ACNH Fresh Bamboo Bedroom decor collections, you can check out more creative designs on, you can buy cheaper ACNH items, ACNH bells, ACNH Nook Miles Ticket here at too!

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