Great ACNH Recreation Room (Play Room) Design - Best Animal Crossing Design Ideas

9/29/2020 8:10:35 PM

If you are about to design your very own public playroom on ACNH, this inspirational recreation room with great ideas to enlighten your preference in making that fun space. The idea of having a recreation room is to make a special space in your Animal Crossing New Horizons house for break time, for hobbies, and basically, for leisure fun! The rec room is equipped with fun and social games, such as the Billiard Table, Foosball Table, Tennis Table and other Animal Crossing Items. Who doesn’t love arcade games? Pinball Machine, Brake Tapper, Arcade Fighting Game, and Arcade Mahjong Game, having just one of those is a wonderful idea to give a touch of classic computer games, some fun. As you can see, the color choice for the wall, very dynamic shape and design elements are well designed to provide the right environment for active relaxation. It was also important to put that comfortable seating furniture included in the space, contributing to comfortable relaxation. You can sit there and enjoy the drink. You can also relax and play pool or simply just sit in such a relaxing room with those vintage paintings. If you are lack of ACNH bells or Nook Miles Tickets for building up your room, welcome to check out our offer!

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