ACNH Japanese Inspired Cottagecore Living Room - Best Animal Crossing Room Design Ideas

9/30/2020 7:52:11 PM

This is a Cottagecore room full of Japanese decoration inspiration. From AKRPG.COM you can easily purchase and index these Animal Crossing New Horizons items. Want to return to the rustic and elegant pastoral life? Then building a Cottagecore style room in Animal Crossing is much easier than moving to the suburbs in real life. In this design, the creator used simple Log Set furniture (Log Chair, Wall-mounted Clock, Round Table, Decorative Shelves, Extra-long Sofa), combined with Japanese-style walls, wood-colored floors and bohemian patterned carpets to perfectly present a simple but beautiful living room. Although only a small amount of furniture is used,  while uses some distinctive decorations (such as rocket lam, Autograph Cards, Fish Print, Macrame Tapestry, Potted Ivy) to make the whole space look not empty.

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