How to Decorate Your Animal Crossing Kitchen - ANCH Cozy Dining and Recreational Room

10/14/2020 5:55:34 PM

In this particular room design, we try to make the kitchen more of a Recreation Room, where you can relax and Netflix and Chill, we divided the room into two sections: Cooking Area is decorated with furniture like Green Microwave, Silver Knife Block, Black Simple Kettle, Coffee Grinder, Black Double-door Refrigerator, and Stainless steel Pot Rack, etc. Then using a Black Box Corner Sofa, pairing up with a Yellow Diner Sofa to set up the Lounging Area. Lastly, you got to have a 50-inch LCD TV in the room! Now you got yourself a nice and cozy Dining and Recreational Room! If you enjoy our ANCH Cozy Dining and Recreation Room decor collections, you can check out more creative designs on, we also provide services for you to buy cheap ACNH items, ACNH bells, ACNH Nook Miles Ticket here at!

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