ACNH Retro Ironwood Kitchen Design - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Kitchen Ideas

10/21/2020 7:24:38 PM

This is an amazing ACNH kitchen utilizing some of the Ironwood pieces (Ironwood Table, Ironwood Kitchenette, Ironwood Low Table, Ironwood Dresser, Ironwood Chair, Ironwood Cupboard) with an added vintage style stove and furniture (Wood-burning Stove, Brick Oven). It’s giving off a really nice vibe of modern mixed with retro. Nice appliances like these can be hard to come by in this game. Then fill up the space areas with some kitchen items such as the Gas Range, Microwave, Mini-cactus Set, Magnetic Knife Rack, and plants. All the Animal Crossing New Horizons items used in this design can be bought at cheap prices from our store, as we offer cheap Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets and Bells.

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