ACNH Room Design For Christmas & Halloween - Lively Bedroom Ideas With Fireworks-Show Wall

10/21/2020 6:29:28 PM

The Halloween, Christmas event and Harvest Festival is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons. How will you decorate your house to welcome such events? In this video, we present the best bedroom design ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We used the fireworks-show wall, so the bedroom becomes lively. You can enjoy the events when sleeping on the Rattan Bed. Put two big Teddy Bears on the fireplace. Add a Rattan Table Lamp to make the room brighter. We have a pink Wooden Wardrobe and Rock Guitar and they are perfect for girls. There are also other ACNH furniture items that are cheap include Rattan End Table, Rattan Vanity, and more. Hope you like this ACNH room design for Christmas and Halloween.

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