Antique Brown Fortune Telling Animal Crossing Room - Best Anmal Crossing Interior Design Ideas

10/30/2020 9:10:55 AM

Have you ever wondered what a real fortune teller’s house is like? I will show you it now! First of all, when you enter the gateway, the house is placed with retro dark brown ACNH furniture item like Wooden Bookshelf,Double Sofa. Fireplace, Trophy Case and Imperial Chest. In the middle is a one-to-one log table with Fortune-telling Set. Placed a Magic-circle Rug brings a more magical feeling. To create a retro magic room, we can also add some antique items in Animal Crossing like Wedding Candle Set, Golden Candlestick, Cuckoo Clock and Rattan Table Lamp. Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket at akrpg and come here, may I have the honor do the fortune-telling for you!

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