Graceful Chinese Retro Dining Room (Restaurant) - Animal Crossing Interior Designs

11/7/2020 9:29:35 PM

This is a retro-style Chinese restaurant, full of elegant oriental culture. The creator makes full use of a series of Japanese and Chinese style furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons, such as Imperial Dining Table, Imperial Partition, Gold-Screen Wall, Imperial Chest, etc. Then add some retro-style decorations (Go Board, Marimba, Rattan Stool, Bronze Hha Plaque, Cherry-blossom Clock, Hha Pennant, Tapestry) in the space to enrich the design style. If you love oriental architectural aesthetics, this design can bring you some inspiration. And if you need any Nook Miles Tickets items, welcome to buy cheap Animal Crossing NMT on AKRPG.COM.

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