Animal Crossing New Horizons Game Room Ideas - Design An Awesome Game Room

11/28/2020 6:43:26 PM

Want to have the game room you dream of? Animal Crossing can satisfy you! In this video, we showcase the awesome game room design ideas for ACNH. Walkthrough the room, we can see everything is full of fun. There is a Jukebox and we can turn on the music and dance in the circle. We got a Billiard Table so we can play billiards with your friends or neighborhoods. You can see we got a bunch of Animal Crossing posters on the wall. If you guys are wondering how you get these posters, come to Akrpg store and find what you want! There is tea on the table, and there are various drinks in the ending machine. After playing games, we can have a drink with friends. The furniture layout and color matching of the whole room are very comfortable and full of childishness. It is simply a game heaven! Hope this Animal Crossing game room design can bring you some inspirations for creating your own perfect game room!

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