ACNH Study Room Decorating - Sophisticated Study Room Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

12/4/2020 4:55:20 PM

When living in a crowded environment in Animal Crossing New Horizons, we dream of that special personal cave where you can relax, think, and have some well-deserved alone time. It should be organised, furnished and decorated in a way that it improves productivity. So if you are finding some ideas for creating your own study room in ACNH, this video may help you a lot. We bring the most sophisticated study room decorating ideas. As colors play vital role in creating a peaceful and comfortable environment, we focus on color collocation for this room a lot. We combine pink, white and log colors. The Wooden Bookshelf placed on the corner is really attractive, the Cute Floor Lamp make the room lighter and match with the Desktop Computer and plants to add some romantic sense. There is a Log Chair next to the door and we also choose the Log Extra-long Sofa. 

Other highlights of this study room are the storage space and wallpaper & flooring. All these factors together give an ideal room decorating idea for a sophisticated and beautiful study room in ACNH. All the furniture items we add to this room are available in ACNH with affordable prices!

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