Natural Beige Animal Crossing New Horizons Living Room Design with ACNH Log Furniture

12/9/2020 5:11:46 PM

Wooden furniture is the most noticeable feature of this Animal Crossing New Horizons interior design, the living room mainly uses log ACNH furniture and white, beige or log tone. There are white birch Log Extra-long Sofa, Log Round Table, Log Decorative Shelves, and Log Chair, as well as Light Parquet Flooring, White Painted-wood Wall, white Double Sofa, natural Mini DIY Workbench, Wooden Chest, Wooden Full-length Mirror, Zen Cushion, Wall-mounted Tv and more items that can improve the quality of life. Cheap Animal Crossing NH bells for sale at now, you can stock some bells to prepare for the upcoming Toy Day event.  

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