ACNH New Interior Design 2021 - Living Room Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

1/8/2021 4:51:11 PM

We have been in 2021 for a few days and starting a brand new year on Animal Crossing New Horizons island. We akrpg still keep sharing some best ACNH design ideas. Now take a look at this video, we showcase the ACNH new interior design ideas - living room design for 2021 which is really functional and special. We decorate the floor with the Mossy-garden Flooring so it looks like you are in the garden and can walk on the stone road. Place a Double Sofa in the corner in the living room, the color is not really awkward. Buy some small ACNH decor items such as Cypress Plant, Studio Spotlight, Rocket Lamps to fill up the whole room. The Imperial Low Table and Imperial Chest are really like classical Chinese style. Hope this new ACNH interior design can bring you some inspiration on creating the best ACNH house for 2021!


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