ACNH Natural Countrycore Theme Room Design (Fall Flooring, Leaf Theme Item, Green Plants & Wood Furniture)

3/3/2021 6:02:04 PM

This ACNH room design idea is a typical natural style, inspired by a romanticized interpretation of agricultural life, focus on simple life and harmony with nature. The user uses Colored-leaves Flooring, Cabin Wall, Log Chair, Pile Of Leaves, Fireplace, Lacy Rug, Shanty Mat, Wooden Bookshelf, Antique Phone, Simple DIY Workbench, Cacao Tree, Monstera, Bonsai Shelf and more. Almost all of the Animal Crossing items are based on leaves, trees, flowers, and plants. And most of them come in a red or dark brown color, suitable for harvest theme design. You can enjoy a relaxing and cozy life in such an ACNH cottagecore room. 

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