ACNH Japanese Style Kitchen - Best Japanese Interior Design Ideas | Japanese Home Tour

3/6/2021 5:28:35 PM

Do you like Japanese-style designs or are you seeking beautiful Japanese interior design ideas? If so, the gorgeous Animal Crossing New Horizons Japanese inspired home tour will give you amazing ideas for building up a Japan theme kitchen in ACNH. 

We place together some ironwood-themed ACNH furniture items in the room include Birch Ironwood Table, Ironwood Chair, Ironwood Low Table, Ironwood Kitchenette, Ironwood Cupboard and Ironwood Dresser. Choose the Orange Retro Flooring is to make the whole room look more gorgeous. Put some plants in the kitchen so as to freshen the whole space. The door and the window and the poster hanging on the wall are very Japanese-styled. Add a Brick Oven to warmer the room when cooking. The Cuckoo Clock is very retro and special. Such a Japanese kitchen is really aesthetic and attractive! All the ACNH items added for the Japan theme kitchen are listed on the screen. Hope you get some inspiration from this ACNH Japanese-style kitchen and create your own dream kitchen!

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