Mentally Refreshing ACNH Natural Japanese Interior Idea - Spring Bamboo Season Theme Design

3/17/2021 5:40:10 PM

This is a Japanese-style room design suitable for Spring and Summer, it applies a lot of bamboo elements and ACNH items. From Bamboo Flooring to Light Bamboo Rug to Bamboo Noodle Slide to Bamboo Partition to Bamboo Floor Lamp to Bamboo Shelf to Bamboo Sphere to Bamboo-shoot Lamp, the bamboo set furniture gives people a feeling of calming and refreshing, the green bamboo items look refresh, there is also a feeling of being close to nature. The furniture like Imperial Bed, Imperial Dining Table and Imperial Decorative Shelves made the room more formal, it's a great place for the reception and dining. ACNH theme packs at AKRPG offer bamboo theme room design, you can get a whole set of items directly and decorate fast instead of looking for each one. 

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