ACNH Japanese Old-fashioned Bathhouse & Laundry Room - Spring Vacation Room Idea for Animal Crossing

3/25/2021 10:18:23 AM

This is an old-fashioned bathhouse and laundry room design for Animal Crossing New Horizons, the steaming Cypress Bathtub makes it much suitable for vacation in this season, in this traditional Japanese architecture, we can see the Modern Shoji-screen Wall and the screen (Lattice Simple Panel) to divide the shower area and toilet area. Other than Old-fashioned Washtub and Wooden Bucket, there are also lots of modern furniture like an Automatic Washer, Shower Set, Bathroom Towel Rack and Bucket latrine (Toilet). The Paper Lantern, Brown Wooden-deck Rug and Yellow Medium Round Mat make the room more enjoyable. The Lifelike ACNH items increase the fun of design. May be you can get some inspirations from this Animal Crossing interior idea

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