Cool ACNH Bar & Club Ideas - Take A Nightclub Tour in Animal Crossing New Horizons

3/27/2021 12:50:15 AM

Welcome to AKRPG again, today we'll show you a design idea suitable for the tropical paradise - a cool bar or club. In this ACNH bar design, you can see the Den Desk used as the reception desk, you can sit on the Diner Counter Chair to have a cup of juice or wine, there are a banana Mixer, orange Mixer and Coconut Juice, or sit beside the Diner Mini Table to enjoy the music from Jukebox. It also offers multiple types of equipment for playing, such as the Billiard Table, Foosball Table, Dartboard, and Pinball Machine. The Rustic-stone Wall and Dark-block Flooring look a little different from other clubs, but the selection of ACNH items and their variations is based on your reference. 

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