ACNH Renaissance Office Design Ideas - European Renaissance Interior In Animal Crossing

4/2/2021 11:27:22 AM

Looking for inspiration and creativity at work? Take a look at this interior European Renaissance office design in Animal Crossing New Horizons! 

Renaissance style is one of the most beautiful historical styles, this ACNH Renaissance interior involves the use of antique furniture and decor. The cabinet, table, even a desk with many drawers look like architectural objects. Add a Billiard Table or the Drum Set on the corner so you can play for a while after tiring work. Place a Blue Persian Rug on the wood floor makes the office room feel more luxurious and vintage. You can also decorate the office with some floral ornaments and plants so as to freshen the space and have a relax. The wall is hanged with some antique-style images and match with an old-fashioned Trophy Case to improve the quality of the room. All the ACNH items we mentioned are for sale on AKRPG at the cheapest price. Hope this ACNH European Renaissance office brings you some inspiration on designing your own workplace in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

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