ACNH Fantastic White Woody Bathroom - Best Animal Crossing Bathroom Design Ideas

5/2/2021 2:26:01 PM

This is probably one of the best bathroom designs you have ever seen in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you want to try something natural and bright Animal Crossing bathroom, this beautiful ACNH bathroom design is recommending. Firstly, Starry Wallpaper was dreamy enough to create a vintage vibe for this fantastic ACNH bathroom. Then what's more important is that all the furniture are white woody style includes Ironwood Worktable, White-paint Flooring, Shower Boothe, Wooden Wardrobe, Wooden Full-length Mirror and Plain Sink. Moreover, some ornaments like Lily Record Player, Rattan Towel Basket,Bathroom If you like this white woody bathroom ACNH design ideas, use one Animal Crossing nook miles ticket and visit!Towel Rack, Automatic Washer, and more complete this Animal Crossing vintage bathroom. 

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