ACNH Modern Wooden-block Cabin Living Room | Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Room Designs

5/31/2021 11:47:59 AM

Amazing modern cottagecore wooden-block design ideas - Soft wooden house is a great interior design idea for the cottagecore, natural and rustic theme islands. Build up a amazing cabin in Animal Crossing New Horizons is not complicated, a Cabin Wall and Red-brick Flooring can easily be used to build up a cabin living room. In this creative modern cabin, the creator makes use of a unique combination of natural wooden-block furniture, soft colors, and plants, and the fish tank & bug cage somehow doesn't feel out of place. Simple Medium Red Mat and Red Dotted Rug help tie the room together if they match other colors in the room, such as the walls or recurring furniture hues. And placing some interesting decorations on the walls and the floor increases the vitality and cuteness of the room.

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