Great ACNH Interior Gym Room (Playroom & Lounge Bar) | Best Animal Crossing House Design Ideas

6/21/2021 8:17:36 PM

Here we share you a amazing home gym design in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which can also built up as a sports room, playroom, or leisure bar. Build up some muscle and take some rest in your house on Animal Crossing New Horizons island! With a ton of gym equipment sold by Tommy and Timmy on Nook Stop with ACNH bells, all fitness fans can easily to replicate their gym room on their ACNH town. In this interior design, creator only put some play machines, sport equipment and some simple decoration in his house to build up a multifunctional leisure gym. You can make a more creative gym room in multiple directions such as a shrine to boxing, a more modern gym, or even one that feels ripped out of famous sports films. Plus, the gym can double as a sports room to show off some love for your favorite team if you are a fan of football. Or you can decorate it as a lounge bar and enjoy a pleasant relaxing moment with your friends.

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