ACNH Blue Bedroom Ideas - Pleasing & Comfortable Wooden Kid Room in Animal Crossing

6/26/2021 6:04:35 PM

Here is a simple ACNH blue bedroom design, with a bed, Long Bathtub, and Bathroom Sink, it is versatile to be used as a bathroom and bedroom and suitable for the daily life of children and couples, the wooden ACNH furniture including Wooden Double Bed, Wooden Full-length Mirror, Wooden Wardrobe, Wooden Mini Table, Wooden Chest and Rocking Chair are popular for Animal Crossing house interior decoration. The Blue-paint Wall set the main tone of the room, and the quilt, Stripe Flooring, Blue Dotted Rug, and Blue Kitchen Mat fits well with the color. In addition, the cute Lucky Cat and Toy Box make it more kidcore. 

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