ACNH European Style Living Room Design - Get Inspired With Living Room Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

7/6/2021 4:45:49 PM

We've got so many cold tones happening in this European-style living room ACNH and they all fit together so well. The White Subway-tile Wall with the Wooden furniture is definitely a win might be a go-to in the future, Wooden Wardrobe, Wooden Bookshelf. We also appreciate the Mush Table and Mush Low Stools, those are a nice touch of nature without it being too much. Other accessories such as Birdcage, Wedding Candle Set, Mini DIY Workbench, Fireplace make the room functional. The European-style living room still feels very indoors, very traditional, somehow very elegant. It can really inspire us on designing the ACNH living room. 

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