ACNH Summer Tropical Resort (Room) with Fireworks Show - ACNH Indoor Pool Design Ideas

7/15/2021 5:27:56 PM

During summertime, it's enjoyable to swim in the sea or blow on the beach. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can decorate your island beach and even house interior into a summer vibe with some old or new ACNH items. Look at this ACNH summer design idea, with an indoor Pool, stripe style and red Surfboard, Sand Castle, Tiki Torch, Palm-tree Lamp, Beach Ball, drink stall, Mr. Flamingo and Mrs. Flamingo. It's kind of like a real beach, you can play with the sand, have some music, exercise, swim in the pool or just have a rest there. The use of fireworks-show wall makes it more romantic. 

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