How To Build A Small Kitchen In Animal Crossing - Best ACNH Kitchen Design Ideas

7/24/2021 10:32:28 AM

ACNH Japanese kitchen design is all about balance, purity, and cleanliness. The kitchens in Japanese can be much smaller, if you want to organize a small Japanese themed kitchen in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this video might get you inspired! Japenese kitchens often consist of wood furniture like Modern Shoji-screen Wall, Sakura-wood Flooring, Log Bench and Ironwood Chair. To design a small Japanese ACNH kitchen, the most important thing is to choose small ACNH items, for example, put pop-up Toaster, Microwave, Mixer on a log bench, and Espresso Maker on an Ironwood Chair. Make sure to use small spaces cleverly and how well throughout and function every element is. Do you like this Animal Crossing Japenese inspired kitchen? provides more creative ACNH kitchen design ideas!

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