Small ACNH Vintage Bedroom Design - Best Bedroom Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizon

7/31/2021 5:47:28 PM

If you are struggling with redecorate your small bedroom in Animal Crossing New Horizons, a vintage bedroom design seems great! This video shows us the best ACNH beautiful bedroom design ideas. Once you step inside this cozy vintage bedroom of Animal Crossing, you will see a Rattan Bed placed on the corner, and Antique Vanity is sitting next to a bed, an Antique Wardrobe on the other side of the corner. As you can notice, the layout of this ACNH vintage bedroom can maximize the space, which this small room doesn't look crowd at all. Furthermore, we can utilize every space that is left, you can place a Wooden Full-length Mirror, Wooden Mini Table to keep your daily needs and all miscellaneous safe and sound. If you want to pop up your vintage bedroom in Animal Crossing New Horizons, a colorful Turquoise Heart Rug would be the one. What really makes this ACNH retro bedroom unique is the Green Blossoming Wall. 

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