ACNH White Tiled Bathroom Ideas - Must Have Budget Animal Crossing Bathroom Design

9/24/2021 5:32:42 PM

Although Nintendo provides players with a diversity of Animal Crossing New Horizons items available in varying colors, materials, and looks, simplicity is still a popular trend for Animal Crossing room and island ideas, it suits the modern decoration style and is never out of date. Looking at the ACNH bathroom design idea, if you are fond of mosaic tiles, you can use Monochromatic-tile Wall and Floral Mosaic-tile Flooring. Then add some must-have ACNH furniture for a shower room or bathroom, including Shower Booth, Toilet, Cypress Bathtub, Plain Sink, Digital Scale, Bathroom Towel Rack, Toilet-cleaning Set, etc. Some people also love to put some plants in it. 

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