A Budget ACNH Retro Living Room Decor - Best Room Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

9/30/2021 5:19:05 PM

If you are looking for the best budget retro living room design ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this is the one for you. To design such a small living room in Animal Crossing, try not to use as much extra furniture as possible. You'd better choose more vibrant decorations like Yellow Argyle Rug, Wooden Mini Table, Refrigerator, Double Sofa, Bunk Bed, Gas Range, Magnetic Knife Rack and Pop-up Toaster, to add something that pops up. Another tip for Animal Crossing budget retro living room design is to try maximizing the space, organize the whole kitchen in a certain area. So that you have plenty of room to decorate the rest of the space. To be noted, do as simple as you can when it comes to an ACNH small retro living room decor.


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