ACNH Dark Horror Bedroom & Modern Laundry Room - Black & Blue Themed Room Idea in Animal Crossing

11/6/2021 4:56:53 PM

The combination of creepy music and skulls is a great spooky Halloween theme design idea. The Halloween event just took place several days ago in Animal Crossing, have you transformed your island into Halloween atmosphere? This ACNH Horror Bedroom & Music Room design uses Skull Wall, Skull-print Flooring, Throwback Skull Radio, Ironwood Bed, Ironwood Cart, Ironwood Chair, Ironwood Kitchenette, Ironwood DIY Workbench, Drum Set, etc. The ironwood furniture set suits perfectly with the black-themed spooky room, you can find more Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween items. The ACNH modern laundry room is also gorgeous, with blue wall tiles, blue floors, and blue washing machines. 

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